Lumlux "Landing" at GreenTech


GreenTech是在RAI Amsterdam国际会展中心举办的全球性园艺展览盛会,每年都吸引全世界最专业的园艺从业者前往参加。 GreenTech专注于园艺链的早期阶段和与种植者相关的生产问题。此次GreenTech将于2019年6月11日至13日在阿姆斯特丹举行。

GreenTech is the global meeting place for all professionals involved in horticulture technology in RAI Amsterdam. GreenTech focuses on the early stages of the horticulture chain and production issues relevant to growers. GreenTech will be held from 11-13 June 2019 in RAI Amsterdam


随着近几年全球专业园艺市场、园艺技术的迅猛发展,GreenTech的影响力也越来越大。在Greentech, 你能看到全世界最先进的园艺产品、园艺技术、商业温室设计、环境控制,等一系列相关的产品、技术与方案。

With the rapid development of the global professional horticultural market and horticultural technology in recent years, GreenTech's influence is also eye-catching. At Greentech, you can find the world's most advanced horticultural products, horticultural technology, commercial greenhouse design, environmental control, and a range of related products, technologies and solutions. 



Lumlux started the technical development of horticultural lighting products as early as 1999, and was fortunate to witness and participate in the development of the entire industry. At present, the development strategy of “Dual Core” has been formed – Core Products + Core Solutions: for the first core, we have a full set of horticultural lighting product lines: HID driver + fixture, LED driver +fixture; for the second core: we provide professional horticulture lighting solutions and lighting installation solutions,increasing ROI for our customers. We believe that "Dual Core" will boost the development of the Horticultural 2.0.


The core products launched by the Lumlux this time are:

1) 适用于商业温室的产品:HID灯具、高光效LED灯具(顶灯+株间灯)Products suitable for commercial greenhouses: HID fixtures, high-efficiency LED lamps (top lighting + inter lingting)



Products suitable for vertical farming: high-efficiency LED lignting bar for various cultivation racks



Products suitable for indoor cultivation: HID fixtures, high-efficiency LED fixtures



At the exhibition site, Lumlux team discussed the development trend of horticultural products, horticultural market and horticultural technology, especially reached a positive consensus on the future market prediction.


Welcome everyone who is interested to come and visit us, letting us share information, development and a"multilateral win"!


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